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Best Ways To Get Gold in TERA


Why do you need gold in TERA?

With gold you can buy almost anything from a broker (VIP status, costumes, gear, flying mounts, etc). In the past, it was not possible to get an advantage with gold enchanting your gear. You had to farm it, grind it, sweat for it, however times have changed and you can pour some shiny coins and git gud (with gear, not skill though).
TERA is all about costumes and be assured you can find almost everything on the broker list. If you have checked the prices already you got disappointed - some things cost in millions! Where to get so much gold? Is it possible for a new player? For a casual player? For a mobile games player? Lets dive deep...

First steps and struggle

If you are a new player you have felt or will feel getting ripped off for paying so much gold for.....skills....

But don't you worry, with basic knowledge of how tera ecosystem works, you will be able to have a stable income. Without further ado, lets break down general ways of earning gold in TERA in 2021.

Most efficient ways to make gold as a casual player:

1. Dungeons

Your main objective here is gold from Vanguard quests and possible loot you get.
Pay attention to TERA events, for x2 Gold event:

During this event, it's advised to spam low level dungeons (Gossamer Vault (easy), Ruinous Manor, Akalath Quarantine) - a queue is quick and it takes ~6-8 minutes on average to complete a dungeon.
This is when you want to have multiply characters because soon enough you run out of coins and can't farm those juicy coins anymore.

Having multiply characters in TERA when farming gold (PROS & CONS)


  • More gold / loot during x2 Gold / x2-3 Loot events (due to more entries you can afford with more characters)
  • Can swap between characters when one of them has 0 adventure coins left
  • Sometimes a queue lacks of a tank or a healer or even a dps. You can adapt and choose the best suitable char for the fastest queue.


  • Very expensive character slots (can buy them off a broker or from TERA shop with real money)
  • Out of Gold and Loot events it may take more time to get in a queue and you end up not having enough real life time to play all your characters
  • Have to learn how to play on different classes (for some people its a good news, though)


Remember that you need additional characters only during events when a queue is very fast and profit is well worth it in the long run. Therefore most casual players will find having 3-4 characters as a good standard. And don't forget that most of the time a queue is faster for tanks and healers (tank>healer), because a vast majority of people play as a dps class.

2. Guardian missions

Open the Map (M) > click on the Shield icon

Click on the Track button

Now you can see remaining duration of a guardian mission. Click on a guardian mission to teleport there

You will get points for either damaging monsters / a boss on a mission or completing objectives if it's a flying mission. For each 100k points you get 1 box. You can get 40 boxes per day (account limit, not character limit)

What to do with the boxes if up to you. If you feel lucky, you can open them hoping to get emeralds or even diamonds. Otherwise, you can put them on a broker list. The current average price is around 330 gold per box. If you need quick cash, just open them and sell all the jewels you got.


-Usually it takes 2-3 missions to get all 40 boxes, which is around ~10 minutes in total.
-Profit from opening 40 boxes and selling the loot ~30k on average 
-If you are alone on a mission, you get a boost to your damage.

3. Flipping the market


Buy stuff from the broker for x price and sell it for x + 1 (or any number) price.


- ELITE status (to eliminate broker fee and amount of selling items)
- Basic knowledge about TERA economics (what and when to buy, what and when to sell)
- Obviously, gold. The bigger your bank account, the more items you can afford and "flip" at the same time. Of course, you can start with any amount of gold, but it will be more tiresome.


- Very tedious
- Easy to get bored
- Doesn't feel like you are playing the game in the way it meant to be
- If done properly (with bits of luck), this method will yield more gold than any other method

4. Fishing

The good old days when you could make a decent amount of coins being a fisherman are gone. However you still get some cash fishing. Use this method only if you are afk and need additional income

5. Naslow Maps

It's not something you can do "actively", because in order to run Naslow Maps...you need Naslow Maps. They are rare and drop from dungeons. A map has 3h timer.
For more detailed guide about this mechanic, check out our Naslow Map Guide.


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Best Ways To Get Gold in TERA

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