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How to Deal With Mahtnan Gear

By The Author / August 4, 2021

OverviewThis post goes over the mechanics for Mahtnan gear. Patch 108.2 made all your work on Soul gear kind of pointless*. Hope you didn’t spend too much on that last […]


Best Ways To Get Gold in TERA

By The Author / June 6, 2021

Why do you need gold in TERA? With gold you can buy almost anything from a broker (VIP status, costumes, gear, flying mounts, etc). In the past, it was not […]


Naslow Map Guide

By The Author / May 19, 2021

This guide will briefly go over what Naslow Maps are, how and where to use them, and what you can get out of them. Table of Contents What is a […]


How to Fix The No Vanguard Bug

By The Author / May 18, 2021

“Why are there no vanguard missions available?” “Where are my vanguards?” “Why can’t I queue for any dungeons?” You might have noticed that after the vanguards missions reset, you won’t […]


Killing Grounds Guide

By The Author / May 12, 2021

This is a guide for the TERA dungeon named Killing Grounds, normal mode. The dungeon is primarily run to farm Tyrant’s Belt, used for Kaia Soul hand and footwear. This is […]


Catalepticon Normal Guide

By The Author / May 11, 2021

This is a guide for the TERA dungeon named Catelepticon, normal mode. The dungeon is primarily run to farm Lumikan Wing Fragments, used for Kaia Soul weapon and armor. This is […]


How to Change Your FOV (Field Of View)

By TheEditor / May 11, 2021

Why Would You Change your Field of View?TERA is an action combat MMORPG and revolves around different battle mechanics. Sometimes, you need more visibility than default game settings provide.The default […]


How to Get Kaia / Mythic Gear

By The Author / April 24, 2020

Mythic gear, also referred to as Kaia gear, is an available upgrade for gold Exodor gear. For whatever reason, you can get the information on Kaia / Mythic gear by […]

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