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The Fastest Way to Level to 70 and Get Your League of Leveler Loot


Note: Elite Club (VIP) players have 100% increased XP buff. This guide was written for people without this status. If you are one of the Club members, you can expect doing it twice faster.

Leveling Event Note: Once you get Lvl 15, you will receive a mail with League of Levelers reward. Use XP Boost item, but keep in mind that it's duration decreases even when you are offline. At Lvl 15 you will also automatically get a 7 days buff - 50% more XP from quests and Vanguard Requests.

LVL 1 - 65

LVL 1 - 20 

Do story line quests till you get a quest to Escort an NPC to Vanguard Outpost. Complete it. You will end up in this location (Vanguard Outpost): 

Go towards Bestial Vale and either kill "tree mobs" (on the left) or Basilisks (on the right). Normally, its better to go with Basilisks.

Your goals here: 
1. Get LVL 20 (after lvl 20 you can enter dungeons and queue for them)
2. Get your class weapon drop (will make clearing dungeons way faster) and always enchant it at +3 (max lvl)

LVL 20 - 65

These are the steps you do with every new dungeon till you hit Lvl 65
1. Queue for the highest lvl available dungeon (If it's grayed out and you can't queue for it - you need to increase your item level. Find a better gear).
2. While waiting for a queue to pop, open Vanguard Requests (H) and Teleport to any of the "kill # number of BAMS" quest. Farm it till you get a higher tier weapon (it can drop from mobs as well). Enchant it to +3. Make sure you always have best possible crystals in it.
Optional (if the wait time is too long)
3. If a queue is not popping for a long time and you already have a newer grade weapon, you can clear a dungeon solo (however you lose 300% exp buff if go alone).
4. Teleport to a dungeon entrance (H>your dungeon>teleport).
5. Enter the normal version of a dungeon (not solo version). With a new weapon you will be able to clear it pretty easily. Don't forget to use consumables to make it a feels like a walk in a park.

LVL 65 - 66

Once you hit Lvl 65 you get 2 purple quests:
1. Claim your free Kaia gear.
2. Apex Quest (can be skipped if you have already completed it on any of you characters)
Once done with Apex Quest - keep following the purple quest line. It won't take much time and after completing 2 quests you will get Lvl 66.

LVL 66 - 68

At the Lvl 66 you can queue in your first "real" dungeon - Gossamer Vault (Normal). You should do the following, till you reach Lvl 68:
1. Queue in Gossamer Vault (Normal).
2. Keep doing purple quests while waiting for a queue.

Leveling Event Note: At Lvl 66, you will receive another mail with League of Levelers reward. 1 Super Speed Potion (XP). Use it when you got into a dungeon.

LVL 68 - 70

1. Open Vanguard Requests (H). In the upper side of the window tick "Solo" category.


With the newest patch, EXP from Exodor quests was reduced by a half.
Old values - 1.673.100.000. New values - 836.550.000
Now it is impossible to get 68-70 lvl in 1 day with this method (because there is a limit on these quests - 4 per day) . But you still get lots of EXP and can get the rest from dungeons.

You will see many other options available. We need the quests which give ~836M exp. Scroll down to find them.

2. Teleport to any of them and complete till you get Lvl 70. Mobs are very weak and it can be done without any effort in unenchanted Kaia gear.
Quick Math:
- One quest takes ~2 minutes to complete.
- It takes 8-10 quests to Level-up from 68 to 70 without Leveling Event.
Leveling Event Notes:
Once you get Lvl 15, you receive 7 days long buff for 50% more EXP from quests and Vanguard Requests. With this buff one quest on Exodor gives you 1.25B exp. It will take 6 quests to get Lvl 70 with this buff.
- You don't need to use extra Super Speed Potions (XP) completing these quests. Instead, you can put them in your bank and save for better times.

The End


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