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Naslow Map Guide


This guide will briefly go over what Naslow Maps are, how and where to use them, and what you can get out of them.

What is a Naslow Map?

Naslow maps are a random drop from dungeons that allow you and up to a party of five people to go to a location and get some loot. The maps have a duration of 3 hours from the time of their pickup so you should keep an eye on your inventory for maps. They cannot be traded but they can be stored in a guild bank and other people with guild bank access can take them out.

How Do I Use A Naslow Map?

Naslow maps are greyed out / inactive until you are in the correct location for their use. There are five Naslow maps. Naslow's Treasure Map [Archive Grounds]Naslow's Treasure Map [Aurum Road]Naslow's Treasure Map [Citadel of Torment]Naslow's Treasure Map [Quarantine Zone]Naslow's Treasure Map [Thrallhold]. The detail texts on the map will tell you where to go. From the TERA Wiki, the five flavor texts are:

  1. "Use this map under three trees on the road where Tulufan and Cathedral Passageway meet. A friend will show you the way."
  2. "Use this map in the hidden cave connecting Quarantine Zone and Northern Feral Valley. A friend will show you the way."
  3. "Use this map at the location where Lok's Spear is. A friend will show you the way."
  4. "Use this map at the place which you must pass to get to the Citadel of Torment's basement—a frozen room where the Wraith statues and books are located. A friend will show you the way."
  5. "Use this map beneath Field Base Reciprocity, inside the cave the stairways are pointing at, where an alien pipe is located. A friend will show you the way."

Here's where those locations are, precisely.

1. Three trees on the road

Go to Tulufan then head south / south east. The three trees are the only trees in the area.

The three trees can be seen from the city.

Aerial view of the treasure spot.

Ground view.

Map view of the treasure location.

2. Hidden cave connecting Quarantine Zone and Northern Feral Valley

Go to Frontera then head north. You'll go halfway into the cave in-between the wood gates.

Get to Frontera then head north by north east.

You want to go in between these wooden barricades.

Here's the location on the map.

3. Lok's Spear

Go to Bastion, then use the local teleport to go to Channelworks - Spillway. Jump off the bridge and head toward the land near the tip of Lok's Spear.

Go to Bastion then use the town local area teleport to go the Channelworks-Spillway

Here's an aerial view of the treasure location.

And the treasure location on the map.

4. Citadel of Torment ... Where the Wraith Statues and Books are Located

If you have Killing Grounds in your Vanguards Requests, you can use that vanguard to teleport to the Killing Grounds entrance teleport. Otherwise, go to Acarum, then use a local teleport to go to Gloomhaunt Senty Post. Head to the top of the stairs, head south, then west to the room on the bottom left of the map.

Go to Acarum, then use the town local area teleport to go to Gloomhaunt Sentry Post

Here's the treasure location on the top floor.

Here's the treasure location on the map of the top floor.

5. Beneath Field Base Reciprocity, Inside the Cave the Stairways are Pointing At

Go to Pathfinder Post, then use a local teleport to go to Field Base Valiance. Head west and a bit south until you see the floating platform "staircase." Go in the cave here and follow it to the wide area near the other exit.

Go to Pathfinder Post then use the local area teleport to get to Fire Base Valiance

Head west from Fire Base Valiance, and a bit south into the cave flanked by the staircase until you get near the other entrance. This is the treasure location.

Here's the treasure location on the map.

What Kind of Loot Can I Get?

There are three tiers of loot that you can get from a Naslow map. A Hidden Gold Crate, Hidden Silver Crate, and Hidden Wooden Crate. The odds of getting each tier isn't too bad, compared to other loot in TERA. Generally, you'll get

  1. Some gems
  2. Might get old plates (gold and silver)
  3. Old infusion material tokens
  4. Harmonious Imbalance design
  5. Harmonious Imbalance items
  6. Titan's items, used for Etching crafting, but generally useless. Feed them to your pets!

And the higher tier boxes will have more than the lower ones. The main point of doing Naslow Maps now are for the gems to sell and for the achievement for activating all five maps.

Party Forming

Best case, you can grab your friends online or guild mates to go run the map. But if you can't fill a party, be generous and put an LFG up (y) with something like "Free Naslow Map, Quick" to get random people in on the fun. You can also see these kind of LFGs from time to time and you can join in on someone else's map. They might also be advertised in area chat around Highwatch or Velika. You can whisper the person ahead of time or be super forward and use "/join TheirName" to see if they'll take you.


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