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Chat Commands and Emotes in TERA

By TheEditor / May 9, 2021

Chat CommandsChat To show a previous message click ↑ or ↓To switch between chat channels click → or ←Channel switch:/say (/s)/area (/а) /trade (/t) /party (/p) /raid (/ra) (/i) /whisper(/w) […]


Leveling from 20 to 65

By The Author / February 17, 2020

This posts will cover all the Vanguard Requests from level 20 to 65 for the Dungeons and Solo BAM hunts.  Note There’s an new guide post for leveling from 1 […]


Event Calendar Added

By The Author / January 30, 2020

A few months ago, EnMasse / North America acknowledged that there was an exploit being used in the calendar whereby people were claiming more than one instance of a given […]


What is a Crit Cap Anyway?

By The Author / January 2, 2020

OverviewA crit cap or crit-factor cap is the point at which having any more crit factor is a detriment to your DPS potential. That part is pretty straight forward. The […]


TERA Vanguard Requests V87

By The Author / December 11, 2019

A simple list of all the Dungeon and Solo Vanguard Requests and their rewards for reference at patch version 87. I wanted something like this because I’m not always in […]


Crafting Calculator for TERA

By The Author / November 21, 2019

This page has crafting calculators for making gems and talents. It’ll take what you have to start with and tell you how much stuff you get as a result and […]


TERA Discord Servers

By The Author / September 23, 2019

Links to the different TERA Discord ServersHere’s a collection of direct links to the various TERA related discord servers. They vary from class specific discords to stuff like the NA […]