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Catalepticon Normal Guide


This is a guide for the TERA dungeon named Catelepticon, normal mode. The dungeon is primarily run to farm Lumikan Wing Fragments, used for Kaia Soul weapon and armor.

This is based entirely off the guide information from the discord "Tera Dungeon Guides" (discord link). Copied onto this site for the people who don't use discord  or who find it more convenient to use a site over a discord channel. The guide text and graphics were put together by Taldek (Taldek#7422) 

HP: 29 bil
Card Type : Azart


Most of this bosses attacks apply a bleed stack for 15 seconds, stacking 6 times max

Getting 6 stacks will stun you for 5 seconds and cause an explosion to everyone around you. Highly unlikely to reach 6 in nm.


Basic Attacks:

Upward Slash:

A majority of the boss special abilities chain from this downward slash, important to remember. All the abilities listed below have a low cooldown of 30-40 seconds.


Downslash into Twirl Bloodline:

Both the twirl and the bloodline itself deal high damage and you cannot tank both without some healing/shield in between.
heres how you would do it without taking damage:


Downslash into IN-OUT-SPIN

The spin at the end is a small range and mostly ignorable damage.


Downslash into Stab Stun into DFA into Pizzas

A long tank combo
After the boss uses DFA she will create pizza slices, the first behind her at 5 o clock, and the second at 12 o clock.

You can tank 1 pizza slice aoe fine but not 2 in a row.
The stun stab is cleanse able:

Now this may be unintended or bugged but you can make this combo shorter by pausing after she stabs. What i mean by pausing is iframing the stab and NOT rushing back in to dps. This will end the combo without her casting DFA or the pizza slices.

If this is a bug ill delete this section:


Left Right quick slashes

The boss will spawn a red message and very quickly hit the tank twice:

When enraged this combo will be slightly slower and she will aoe stun at the end. The stun is dodge able and cleanse able. The big giveaway is the speed difference.


Spear Combo

The boss will combine her twin swords into a spear and perform a series of 6 attacks total. She will cast this 60 seconds into combat and then every 2:30-3:00 minutes after.
She can change the order of certain attacks but all 6 must happen once.

In this clip she does:
1. Spear throw on furthest target then back hit (both iframe able)
2. Tank buster stab into bloodlines. She will stab, instantly spawn line on tank and then half a second later spawn lines everywhere else. Move in right as she stabs.
3. Pizza slice on aggro target
4. Pizza slice opposite the first slice
5. Aoe stun
6. Spawns yellow arrows on all players, each spawn a bloodline shortly after. The arrows face the same direction as the boss when she cast it.
The variance on this can be:Step 1 and 2 can be in either orderAoE stun can be step 4 or 5.

Here are many examples of it:

Because the spear combo is so long, ALL of the bosses other abilities will come off cooldown during it. She will use EVERY other ability in a row coming out of a spear combo.


35% Charging up Wipe

At 35% the boss will spit out 2 giant red skulls and begin charging up an attack. 80 second cd.
You need to have 2 people, preferably the tank and healer , to walk over these skulls to receive a debuff:

If the 2 people with this debuff gather, it will make everyone near them immune to all damage for 4 seconds:

You need to time this with the boss attack actually firing

After the boss spits out the 2 orbs she will crouch a bit and begin charging indicated by 2 things
The screen will start shaking furiously AND she will gain a blackish red aura around her
The moment the screen starts shaking or you see the aura, whichever is easier to tell for you, you need to count 6 seconds
Use the meter combat timer if anything
After 6 seconds of charging, gather up and youll survive
If you go in at 4 or an early 5 seconds, the end of the attack will hit you and instantly wipe you out.


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