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Dragonette Derby Event Guide (NA/EnMasse)

By The Author / February 20, 2020

This post has details for the North American / EnMasse Dragonette Derby event, starting on February 18th, 2020 and going until March 10th, 2020. OverviewWhat’s The Event?How to get the Fragments […]


Leveling from 20 to 65

By The Author / February 17, 2020

This posts will cover all the Vanguard Requests from level 20 to 65 for the Dungeons and Solo BAM hunts.  Note There’s an new guide post for leveling from 1 […]


How To Do More Damage as DPS

By The Author / January 11, 2020

Chances are you’ve wondered how exactly you are supposed to do more damage and may have even asked in a class discord how to do this. More than likely the […]


What is a Crit Cap Anyway?

By The Author / January 2, 2020

OverviewA crit cap or crit-factor cap is the point at which having any more crit factor is a detriment to your DPS potential. That part is pretty straight forward. The […]

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