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April 24

How to Get Kaia / Mythic Gear


Mythic gear, also referred to as Kaia gear, is an available upgrade for gold Exodor gear. For whatever reason, you can get the information on Kaia / Mythic gear by scouring through the class discords and forums but no one has bothered consolidating the specifics anywhere. This post will cover what Kaia / Mythic is, how you can get access to the upgrade, and much damage you gain. Here's the post from EnMasse (deadlink, rip EnMasse) that gave the bare minimum amount of information about Kaia / Mythic.


On PC, you now get Kaia gear when you hit level 65. You can still convert any old Annihilation and Dark Light gear that you have to Kaia with Kaia's Anvil, which unlocks at level 70. This might be helpful if you already enchanted your old gear. Even with the reduced cost of enchanting, taking a +0 piece to +15 will still cost you 40k to 60k gold and 45 to 60 improved feedstock. The requirements for accessing the anvil have been simplified to reaching level 70 and the materials are also grossly simplified. You can purchase the core item from Fovarth and you'll need Manaforce Refined Duranium Ore, from dismantling Kaia gear (use the boxes you get from dungeons with +0 Kaia gear). The costs and requirements on this page are kept for historical reference.


"Mythic" was more commonly used early on when this gear-tier was introduced but the vernacular has since shifted to using "Kaia" almost exclusively. Please excuse the Kaia / Mythic usage throughout the article now. It's been added to help with people who are searching for "Kaia gear guide" instead of "Mythic gear guide".

What is Kaia / Mythic Gear?

Kaia / Mythic is an upgrade option for gold Exodor gear. It gives you a higher amount of amplification for the same enchantment level and a modified version of Azart's Mark on your weapon. You'll also get an additional set of effects on your weapon if you use non-eternal gear. You keep the random lines on your source gear, you had any, and enchantment costs and rates remain the same after conversion. You can upgrade a +0 to a +15 piece of gold gear to Kaia / Mythic at any time once you've unlocked the upgrade option.

Mythic weapon skills raw table

How to Upgrade to Kaia / Mythic?

You upgrade annihilation and dark light (regular or eternal) gear to kaia / mythic by using Kaia's Anvil. But there are some prerequisites to accessing Kaia's Anvil:

  1. Finish the Quest Line [Important] Exodor up to Exodor Advance Base (14 of 16 quest steps). You'll need to complete quests that go up to the old "last" Exodor quest before before Draakon Arena was added.
  2. Finish the Akalath Quarantine dungeon quest, [Dungeon - 456] Hidden Enemy.

Clearing these two requirements will unlock the quest line [Important] Kaia's Gift. This takes a few steps to complete:

  1. Go the the Kaiator Command center. You'll have quest prompts on how to get there if you've never been before.
  2. Smash 'f' on some NPCs then you'll need to clear 2 dungeons to get quest materials.
  3. Clear Akalath Quarantine again, beating each boss once.
  4. Go back to Kaiator Command, smash 'f' on NPCs again then you'll do the same at Muhrak's Workshop in Habere.
  5. After talking with Kaia and Fovarth, you'll need to clear Corrupted Skynest for another quest material.
  6. Clear Corrupted Skynest once... for now.
  7. Go back to Muhrak's Workshop and finish the quest. You'll get a token Black Shard and Nodule for your effort.
  8. You can now use Kaia's Anvil to upgrade to kaia / mythic whenever you have the required materials.

Also note that the Exodor gear you are upgrading has to be soulbound to you in order to be used at the forge.

Fovarth and Kaia's Anvil
enhancement material menu, mythic gear, kaia's anvil
mythic gear crafting menu, mythic gear, kaia's anvil

What Does it Cost?

Upgrading to Kaia / Mythic requires a few items. The enchanting materials are farmed from Corrupted Skynest, Corrupted Skynest (Hard), and additional nodules can be purchased off the broker through Black Core Nodule Boxes (which drop from CSh).

  1. Gold gear of a given type. Let's say a set of Annihilation Twin Swords. This can be eternal or regular gear.
  2. Either fodder Heroic Oath gear of the same type, Heroic Oath Twin Swords OR a Black Core Essence, which costs 10 Nodules.
  3. A quantity of Golden Plates, Silver Plates, Diamonds, Black Core Nodules, Black Core Shards, and Gold. How many depends on whether you use a Black Core Essence or a piece of Heroic Oath gear and it's enchantment level.
Black Core Shard
Black Core Nodule
black core nodule box

Here's a table from a spreadsheet that people seem to only be sharing screenshots of instead of the original document:

Mythic raw upgrade costs table

Black Magic Stone is the Black Core Nodule. Dark Shard Crystal is the Black Core Shard. Since it's no longer possible to get enchanting materials or item XP for Heroic Oath, besides supreme metal, you'll have to work with whatever you've got on hand and try your luck if you're able to enchant.

The limiting factor here is going to be the Black Core Shards, since you can buy your way through the Nodules. The average run of Corrupted Skynest will give you ~5 drops of random quantities of nodules (between maybe 4 and 12) and 3 drops of 1x Black Core Shard. If you aren't coordinating rolling on drops so everyone gets something, you may walk away from a CS run with nothing, or with a ton of Nodules and all the Shards. Assume 6 nodules and 0.6 shard on average outside of double drop. You'll need about 80 runs to get enough Shards to and Nodules to do a complete set of gear.

Kaia / Mythic Gear Requirements Calculator

If you are converting a piece of gear, pick what you are starting with from the pulldown menu.

How many Black Core Shards do you have already?

Material Needed

Here's the total amounts of material you'll need for the pieces of starting gear you selected.

Golden Plates: Silver Plates: Diamonds: Black Core Nodules: Black Core Shards: Gold:

Estimated Number of Corrupted Skynest Runs

With average drop rates over enough runs, you'll need 0 runs of Corrupted Skynest to get enough shards.

Buying Kaia Gear

With straight Kaia gear dropping from higher level instances and players spamming them enough to create an excess of unbound Kaia gear, it's feasible to buy your entire Kaia set off the broker. The downside is that the lower priced pieces will usually have no random rolls, and you'll still need to enchant them from +0. Pricing will depend on the current supply and demand but you could get a full set (depending on class) for under 250k gold as long as you don't care about random rolls. Just be careful that you buy the appropriate piece for your class amplification type.

Kaia's Fury (Physical)

Kaia's Wisdom (Magical)

  • Archer (leather)
  • Berserker (plate)
  • Brawler (plate)
  • Lancer (plate)
  • Slayer (leather)
  • Valkyrie (leather)
  • Warrior (leather)
  • Gunner (plate)
  • Mystic (cloth)
  • Ninja (cloth)
  • Priest (cloth)
  • Reaper (leather)
  • Sorcerer (cloth)




  • Staff / Shuriken / Staff / Disc 
  • Robes
  • Sleeves
  • Shoes
  • Bow / Greatsword / Glaive / Twin Swords / Scythes
  • Cuirass
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Axe / Powerfists / Lance / Arc Cannon
  • Hauberk
  • Gauntlets
  • Greaves

Using Regular vs Eternal Base Gear


The ability to obtain new Eternal Gear was removed from the game along with Green and Blue Exodor style gear. If you still have some Eternal gear, don't upgrade it to Kaia. This section is kept for reference.

Recall that using Eternal gear means you don't get 0 to 3 extra random stats but you get to skip the downgrade mechanic from +11 to +15. The extra random lines are mostly moot anyway unless they make it possible to re-roll them in the future. An extra 500 amp is largely meaningless when you're at 90k. If you use Eternal gear for your Kaia / Mythic, you lose out on two benefits. The first is noted above - the extra weapon abilities beyond Kaia's Judgement. The second loss is you won't have as much amplification gain with Eternal vs regular gold gear. The difference is roughly +12 regular sourced Kaia / Mythic gear has the same amplification as +15 eternal sourced Kaia / Mythic gear. This kind of works out okay since you'll likely be further along in enchants using Eternal given the lack of downgrades. Quick aside, Kaia / Mythic based on Ethereal has been referred to as Mythereal in some servers and forums.

The Kaia / Mythic equipment names are different depending on what you use as the source material.

  • Annihilation turns into Kaia's Fury
  • Eternal Annihilation turns into Kaia's Ferocity
  • Dark Light turns into Kaia's Wisdom
  • Eternal Dark Light turns into Kaia's Sanity

Kaia  / Mythic gear based on Eternal gear will also always be soul-bound, just like the Eternal gear.

How Much Damage Do You Gain?

When using normal gold gear, the amplification increase of a full set is roughly 35%. Regular Kaia / Mythic looks like it's 14% higher in amplification than Eternal based Kaia / Mythic so the difference from normal to Eternal based Kaia / Mythic is 18%.

If you're using regular Kaia / Mythic and you can stay above 80% health as a DPS then you're also getting a flat 5% damage boost.

Being completely hand-wavey (and looking at moongourd uploads from before and after upgrading), the difference in DPS might be a flat 20% if you need to walk away with a number right now.  Like always, the fundamental difference in the amount of damage you do, is you.


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