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December 19

TERA Apex Quest Guide for 2019, Now With Less Dying



With patch 92, the Apex quest line is immediately available upon hitting level 65. The changes made to the quest will be in an updated article posted soon. In the meantime, this will still work as a guide for the quest line with the following notable changes:

  • Everything is nerfed like crazy. You really have to try to die now to the dragons.
  • You get your gear during the banquet. You have to remember to open, etch, and equip it all!

Apex quest was introduced in TERA with Godsfall update.
Quest series allow players to unlock new powerful skills and significantly change the game play. Its highly recommended to start working on your Apex as soon as you get required item level (439) to start the quest line.
The quest line is meant to be done solo – its doable on every class. Its advised to bring some healing potions, because some classes may feel it difficult to fight due to no HP motes from certain bosses.

Navigation [with links for easy access and search]
1. How to start Apex Quest
2. Banquet
3. Wyrmgorge
4. Molten Reach
5. The Veil

How to start Apex Quest

To receive the quest in your journal, you must have equipped gear with item lvl 439 or higher. When done so, you will get the purple colored quest.
Go in Highwatch and speak with Braga (he will be marked on your map).


After speaking with Braga, you will get an invitation item in your inventory. Right Mouse click on it to get teleported to Velika, right in front of Nerinder [Velika Banquet Guide]. Speak with her and teleport to Banquet location (she is the teleporter).
In this area you will have to speak with key npc which will be marked on your map. Its quite easy – just follow the map markers and read the journal if you dont know what to do next.

The mini boss for this area will be Black Dracoloth – quite easy to take him down. After beating him you will get teleported back to Velika.
You need to use Velika Banquet Coin (its in your inventory) to get the next quest.
Note: you can use it only within Freedom Plaza district (the place where you appeared after banquet quest)

TERA Apex Quest, Velika Screenshot

After going through few dialogs with key NPC, you will be able to teleport to Wyrmgorge (Bellenum – castanic will teleport you there, he stands next to Flight Manager in Velika)


Follow the quest markers on the map, speak with NPC and you will get your first bounty task – to kill either 5 green or red dracoloths [it depends on a line you choose speaking with NPC?]

You can fight one at a time or go full rampage and fight all of them

After you proved your strength in this glorious fight, its time to keep going where map markers lead you.
Eventually, you will face this strange looking plant and Dracoloth – you need to kill both. Twice.
Note: this plant puts fear debuff, so its wise to make it your prior target. It has very few HP, though.

Next boss may be little bit difficult – Allendra.
She cant be stunned nor staggered (though, stun debuff will appear on hear, but wont have any effect).
This is the time when your HP potions will come in handy.
She has two types of attack: 1. She rapidly swings with her swords 2. She casts unblockable AOE.

After you get her to ~50% HP, she will run away, summoning enraged dracoloth to fight against you.

This dracoloth loves to flight in the sky, pouring the ground with fire.

Follow Verdas, speaking with NPC who have purple question marks. You will get to the location where dracoloths will spawn out of the ground . Don’t fight them – just go through them, reaching the place which is marked on your map.

No need to fight these dracoloths. It will just waste your time.

Next step – you need to kill 2 dracoloths who are guarding the cage with citizens.
There will be 2 more cages.

Alas, soldiers wont escape if we destroy the cage. We need to kill dracoloths first.

When we “freed” soldiers, we can see the last boss for this location. Yes, its Allendra again. She drops HP motes now, making the fight much easier than before.

Of course we are persistent! We need those awakened skills.

Congratulations! Now you need to read the letter which she dropped upon death, speak with Verdas and enter the portal.

Molten Reach
First thing we see when find ourselves in this area – beautiful Summoners. We have to kill 4 of them and 24 minions.

Wont be a problem.
Note: this is the game area (not solo instance) and if you are playing on PvP server, you need to be on the alert.

These creatures are neutral to everyone, so you can take fancy selfies.

After we took care of it, we need to speak with one of Summoners (will be marked on the map).
Next our goal will be to take down 2 black dracoloths and 2 blue dracoloths.

Dracoloths again…Keep in mind, blue version of dracoloth is stronger

Then we have to speak with Uriela and Verdas, after that we enter the portal to face the last boss of Apex Quest….So be prepared! Dont forget to take some potions to make your battle easier(its not necessary, of course. You can beat it without them!)

Hp recovery potion
Valkyon recovery potion
Superior noctenium
Bravery potion

The Veil

Here we go, the last boss..Or not?

You dont have to kill the dragon for now, just get him to 97% HP and he will perform his super attack (Black dragon is gathering power) which will lead to the cutscene.

You get knocked down and your health drops to 1 point. We are too weak to fight him or those scripts again? :/

After that, you will found yourself in not the most pleasant situation – your eyes might start bleeding with that lighting enrichment. Try to relax and destroy all enemy waves. To start each wave, you need to speak with floating NPCs (your friends from the past) and chose appropriate dialogue option.

After completing each wave, we get Apex Skills (depending on your class and the wave you can get one or more skills at one time, but dont worry, you will get them all by the end)
Note: you get significantly reduced cooldown on your Apex Skills, while in the Veil.

When you are done with all waves and got all your shiny Apex Skill, you will find Mystel`s Aura in the middle of the room. Interact with it to start your last encounter.

Final fight with our old friend. This time its either him or us – kill the dragon. Dont forget about reduced cooldown on all Apex Skills! They will help you a lot. The battle is not hard at all, just be patient if you get low on HP and take your time to run around recovering.

There are his main attack skills. Nothing to worry much about.

Flies in the air, casting AOE attack. This ” Doughnut” shaped attack is commonly used in Tera, get used to it.
Launches puddle shaped attacks on the perimeter
Summons Devices which attack you with small orange AOE circles (you can destroy Devices if they annoy you)
Attacks outer area with fire wave

Congratulations! You either finished reading this guide or killed the Black Dragon. Why not both!
Enjoy your Awakened class and good luck in your journey!


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