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December 6

TERA Lancer Class Guides


References and Background

Current guides:

Unfortunately, both are out of date with the recent changes to the crit formula, skill specific changes, and new gear options. But they should provide a solid foundation for most things Lancer.

Old guides:

All three of these older guides are pre-apex. EM has a general tanking guide titled Basic Tanking Guide that's actually kind of useful for some mindset stuff but otherwise outdated.

I'll fill in the rest of the guide gradually but the above links should get you pretty far in the mean time.


  • PRE-PATCH 86
  • PATCH 86

Standard rolls on gauntlets and greaves.

Double cooldown and Spring Attack damage chest topline on old gear. Screenshots below from the Lancer Discord, Posted by dimitri on 05/06/2018.

Accessories and Crit Cap

Read more in what is a crit cap anyway?
Standard accessory rolls with the following crit factor goal:

Lancer has no real Crit Cap, since patch v86 the crit formula has been reworked, so we can't tell you exactly the ideal crit factor for now, however the range of +300-330 prebuffs will result into good numbers (no htl)

- FAQ Bot, !crit, on the Lancer Discord


Weapon / Gloves - Energetic
Chest / Boots - Grounded
Everything else - add Crit Factor or Power as needed
See What Are Etchings and How to Get Them for more information.


PVE Glyphs from the Discord, posted by マキ on 08/05/2019

Note: you can choose between lockdown blow for damage or aggro shout speed casting to eat stuns

- FAQ Bot, !glyphs, on the Lancer Discord

See How To Get All Your Skill Glyphs for help with acquiring uncommon and rare glyphs.

EP Talents

Quoted from the Discord

For everyone starting off these are the main talents to work on.

Arush Constancy > Regular Mighty Attack > Arush Force > Arush Extra-Force | 1 point in Onslaught Velocity

Depending on your total ep you will have different talents, and using resets as you get more ep.

When upgrading your talents pay attention to how many points the higher priority talent needs and how many points it needs before upgrading lower priority talents.In the future (past 275 total ep) you can consider Shield Counter Fatal Blow , Stand Fast Speed Skating: Retribution, Shield Bash Reset and Backstep Cooldown

When you get Constancy and Mighty Attack maxed put points into Velocity till it reaches tier 5, then get Force to tier 5 then max VelocityAfter those 3 are maxed try getting force maxed. if you can max force but need to remove extra force in order to then do so, when Force is at 24 stacks (max) and procs it will last one second longer.

Force is maxed out as 134 total ep

So don't go above 5 until you have 134 total ep, and at this time remove your extra force

At 190 you have max Constancy , max Mighty Attack, max Force, and 1 Onslaught Velocity (or 191 if you grabbed the Mighty Phoenix) now grab Extra-Force

- Chief

1 point for a life saver in some situations i'd say worth it

when Force is maxed it will continue procing after hitting 24 stacks , these add 1 second instead of resetting the timer like previous procs

- Chief

More up to date:

Core EP (275) https://essentialmana.page.link/hHL4
Good EP (390)https://essentialmana.page.link/L4BX
Maxed (435)https://essentialmana.page.link/XeAH
At this point you can go for:- Crit Factor on Standfast- RE reduction on Backstep

Advanced Skills

66/68/70 talent priority: lockdown > deb > wallop
67/69 glyph: shield counter "Retribution" / arush duration "Strenuous"

Read more about Advanced Skills / TalYphs in TERA for help on farming advanced skills items.

Skill Usage and Rotations

Read this document by lloyd. Feels kinda weird to just copy paste the whole thing so you'll have to go to the google drive document.

Tips and Tricks

Soon (tm)


Soon (tm)


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