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December 10

TERA Slayer Class Guides


References and Background

Current guides:

  • The most current source of information on Slayer is the Slayer Discord.
  • The written guide is from Saabi and used to be linked on the discord. But it looks like all the info is now written out in the channels and the guide link is gone. Here's the drive document, Saabi's Awakening 1.0 Slayer Guide (and a local pdf in case the online one isn't available ,saved September 9, 2018).

The google drive document is out of date but still useful. Most of the discord info will be reflected below as it gets filled in.

Old guides:

Both are pre-apex. Only listed for historical purposes.

This one is actually pretty complete thanks to the clean layout and info of the Slayer discord.

Note, there's no details listed here regarding the change from being double cooldown with old gear to single cooldown with the new patch 86 gear. Will add it later. Takes time to go through the discord...


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  • PRE-PATCH 86
  • Patch 86

Standard DPS Rolls and crystals

< Weapon >
#Top line:
* Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2% (if the fight lasts for 3 minutes or longer)
* Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters (if the fight lasts for less than 3 minutes)
#Bottom lines:
* Decreases skill cooldowns by 7.2%
* Increases damage by 9.3% when attacking enraged monsters
* Increases damage by 6%
* Increases damage by 6.9% when attacking from behind (take only if you have 4 bottom lines)
< Chest >
#Top line:
* Increases damage of Overhand Strike by 10% (if the fight lasts for around 2 minutes)
* Decreases cooldown of In Cold Blood by 15% (if the fight lasts for very long (Bahaar or low party DPS))
#Bottom lines:
* Decreases damage from enraged monsters by 10%
* Decreases damage from frontal attacks by 6.9%
* Decreases damage taken by 6%
* Raises max HP by 8% (take only if you have 4 bottom lines)
< Gloves >
* Increases Crit Factor by 9
* Increases Power by 5
* Increases Attack Speed by 2.25%
< Boots >
* Increases Movement Speed by 6%
* Increases Endurance by 4
* Replenishes 2% of total MP every 5 seconds

Posted by Kucher in the Slayer discord, 6/23/2019

Accessories and Crit Cap

Read more in what is a crit cap anyway?

< Accesories >
* Increases Power by 4 (Radiant Jewelry has only one roll so take this one)
* Increases Crit Factor by 4
* Raises max HP by 4%
* Increases Endurance by 4 (Radiant Jewelry has only one roll so take this one)
* Increases Power by 4
* Increases Power by 3
* Increases Crit Factor by 6
* Increases Crit Factor by 8
* Increases Power by 3
* Increases Crit Factor by 6

Relici and Halidom
* Power Relic, Power Halidom
* Best option is to have another crit factor Relic or Halidom for flexibility when adjusting crit factor for different healers and/or dungeons

* You should be aiming for Energetic mask. * If you have means to get Energetic Bahaar's Mask go for the one as shown on this picture. Take notice that 3 of the rolls on the mask are COMPLETELY random and not rerollable.

Kucher, Slayer Discord #gear-rolls-etchings, 06/23/2019

#How much Crit Factor (CF) is ideal?
* With priest: ~ 336 unbuffed
* With mystic: ~ 276 unbuffed and without auras
* Regardless of your healer use lamb bulgogi, fish steak or spicy fish buffet as your food consumable
#What setup to use to get this Crit Factor?
* With priest: two carving rings, one carving earring, one pumped earring, pumped necklace
* With mystic: two carving rings, two pumped earrings, pumped necklace
* Regardless of your healer use keen vyrsks
#I just hit 65 what jewelries should I take?
* Until you get to Ethereal jewelry its fine to go full carving
* When you get to Ethereal jewelry you can change to the setup mentioned above
#I am not level 70 yet... what crit factor should I need?
* lvl 66 - 366
* lvl 67 - 356
* lvl 68 - 346
* lvl 70 - 336
* You can lower your crit factor as you level up by changing keen vyrsks for powerful
* When you get radiant rings you can change your carving necklace to pumped
#What is optimal Crit % I should have?
* Overall crit should be around 80% 

Kucher, Slayer Discord #critcap, 06/23/2019


Weapon / Gloves - Energetic
Chest / Boots - Grounded
Everything else - add Crit Factor or Power as needed
See What Are Etchings and How to Get Them for more information.


PVE Glyphs:

< Glyphs >
* Glyphs shown on the picture below are for level 70
* At level 67 take 30% cooldown decrease for Tenacity (Useless before because you dont have Tenacity iframe talyph)
* At level 70 take 25% damage increase for Savage Strike (You will get this glyph in mail when you reach level 70)

TERA Slayer Skill Glyphs Page

Kucher, Slayer Discord #glyphs-talyphs, 10/23/2019

See How To Get All Your Skill Glyphs for help with acquiring uncommon and rare glyphs.

EP Talents

#Which talents should I level up first?
1. Mighty Attack
2. Whirlwind #Velocity
3. Overhand Strike #Force
4. Overhand Strike #Extra-Force
5. Eviscerate #Counter
6. Whirlwind #Critical Pummel
7. Headlong Rush #Amplification
8. Mighty Defense
9. Mighty Phoenix (only 1 point)
10. Startling Kick #Velocity
11. Startling Kick #Chained Speed Skating
12. Stunning Backhand #Chained Speed Skating
13. Overhand Strike #Strengthen

TERA Slayer EP Talents Page

Kucher, Slayer Discord #ep, 7/10/2019

Advanced Skills

See below:

< Talyphs >
#Skill advancements
1. Overhand Strike
2. Whirlwind
3. Punishing Blow
* Based on your personal preference you can switch Overhand Strike and Whirlwind
#Skill optimizations
* Tenacity - Insight (Removes all harmful effects and becomes invincible for 1 second)
* In Cold Blood - Focus (Increases duration by 25% and damage of Overhand Strike by 10%)

Kucher, Slayer Discord #glyphs-talyphs, 10/23/2019

Read more about Advanced Skills / TalYphs in TERA for help on farming advanced skills items.

Skill Usage and Rotations

If the text below doesn't have images, double check that you aren't blocking the CDN used by discord.

ICB Openers
Your primary focus when you are burning with :icb: is using as much :ohs~1: as possible
As a beginner you can learn a basic rotation that will work 100% (?) of the time such as...:hlr: :ww: :icb: :brooch~1: :kds: :ohs~1: :ev: :ohs~1: :pb: :ms~1: :ss: :ohs~1: :ohs~1: :ww: :ohs~1: :ms~1: :ss: :ohs~1: :ohs~1: :ww: :ohs~1: :ev: :ohs~1: :pb: :ms~1:
Note that :uns: is not included anywhere... you should use this when your 1.5 (or 2.0) dragon procs and after you stack your :ohs~1: force talent
As you get more used to reverse chaining you can start improvising even in :icb: while focusing on :ms~1:, :pb: and :ohs~1: at the same time
You can start using :ss: :ohs~1: :ms~1: :ohs~1: or :ss: :ohs~1: :pb: :ohs~1: or :ss: :ohs~1: :uns: :ohs~1: or :ss: :ohs~1: :ohs~1: (first two combos require a lot of attack speed and precision)

Reverse Chaining
Reverse chaining means taking advantage of 1 second long hidden buff after using :ss: which enables you to cast skills in their reverse order
Few use cases of reverse chaining:
:ss: :ohs~1: :ohs~1: or :ss: :ss: :ohs~1: :ohs~1: - important for more DMG and HPM on :ohs~1: (recommended to use only in :icb: when theres 100% chance to reset :ohs~1:)
:ss: :ms~1:/:pb: :ohs~1: :ww: - if your :ohs~1: and :ev: are both on 1 - 1.5 second cooldown
:ss: :ht:/:kds: :ww: - if :ohs~1: and :ev: are on 1 - 1.5 sec cd + :pb:/:ms~1: on cooldown as well
:ss: :ev: :ohs~1: :ww: - if you just used :ms~1: and :pb: and your :ohs~1: is on 1 sec cooldown
:ss: :ohs~1: :ms~1: :ohs~1: - only possible with :icb: :brooch~1: :rootbeer~1: or :icb: + arush ! and a good ping !
:ss: :ohs~1: :pb: :ohs~1: - only possible with :icb:  ! and a good ping !

Core skills:
:pb: > :ms~1: - because :ms~1: lowers cooldown of :pb: by 2 seconds
Starter skills:
:hlr: :ww: > :ht: > :kds: > :fs:

:hlr: :ww: should only be used if :ms~1: is on cooldown because of the propulsion passive !

:ht: > :kds: even with :kds: powerlinks and glyphs taken into consideration :ht: is a better starter !

(And here's a screenshot incase the above text breaks in the future)

Kucher, Slayer Discord #glyphs-talyphs, 10/23/2019

Tips and Tricks

The biggest tip and trick you can master is in reverse chaining. See the notes above on skill usage.

Savage Strike directionality

You can control the direction of each savage strike hit by using the direction keys. It defaults to the direction of your camera unless you are pressing a movement key. This can be useful if you want to just use both hits back to back and go forward and back. Press savage strike normally, facing the boss, then hold the back movement key (default 's') and hit savage strike again. Eventually, you'll want to get comfortable with flicking your mouse and camera direction to the direction you want so you can more smoothly move and weave skills in-between savage strike hits.

More tips soon (tm)


Like moving pictures with sound. Pretty nifty.

< Video Guide >
* The following video is the current Slayer video guide made by the slayer god Saabi himself
* Its fairly long but highly recommended watching it whole since there is a lot of tips and tricks mentioned in every part of the video
* But for the lazy people here are some timestamps for the most important parts of the guide:
- 1:45 - Intro
- 4:10 - GVH 1st boss
- 10:30 - GVH last boss
- 19:30 - GVH 1st boss
- 26:45 - GVH last boss
- 35:10 - Glyphs and skills rundown
- 43:55 - EP
- 46:30 - Training dungeon playstyle
- 51:00 - ICB opener
- 1:00:15 - Playstyle outside of ICB
- 1:23:40 - Bahaar playstyle commentary
- 1:40:30 - GLSH 1st boss
- 1:45:25 - GLSH 2nd boss
- 1:50:00 - GLSH last boss 

Kucher, Slayer Discord #video-guide-and-playstyle, 6/23/2019

Saabi | Lv 70 Slayer PoV | Bahaar 14.8m dps

posted in #videos on 07/09/2019


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