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September 24

What to Do At Level 65 In TERA



Patch 92, released around March of 2020, rearranged the progression at level 65. End-game was moved to level 68. Technically, you can still do a lot of the stuff at 65, but the associated quests are level locked until 68. The legacy gear from the gearing revamp (Twist, Frostmetal, Stormcry, Heroic Oath) was also effectively removed so you have to use patch 86 style gear with magic and physical amplification.

The straightforward guide on what to do is follow the first two purple quest line and one level 68 red quest line.

  • [Apex] The Two Banquets - this is the Apex quest line. You'll get Exodor Scout Gear, all your glyphs, etchings, new accessories, and after 45 minutes to an hour, all your Apex skills, one more glyph, and 5 more glyph points. You can speed run this in about 25 to 30 minutes.
  • [Important] The Nightmare Begins - this is the post-Apex quest line introduced when level 70 was released. It used to be obnoxiously tedious and a huge chore. It was also not necessary to complete. It still isn't but it was nerfed by 90% with all the quest steps that required 10 things reduced to 1 and all but one of the escort missions were taken out completely. You'll get enough XP to level to 68 (or pretty darn close), advanced skill XP to get about 60 advanced skill points, optimization scrolls for 1 level 67 yph, enough advanced skill scroll 1's to max out your level 66 tal, a bunch of prime battle solutions, bravery potions, and super HP and MP pots. You'll still need a ton of gold to do the skill advancements but at least the scrolls are taken care of. Read more about advanced skills here. You can speed run this in about 50 to 55 minutes.
  • [Solo] A New Beginning - This is also optional like The Nightmare Begins but it's advisable you do it. This used to be the Pre-Apex quest line and would gear you up for Apex. Now it gives you enchanting materials for your Exodor Scout Gear and should get you to +8 on all 4 pieces, after you farm roughly 6000 more gold. Depending on what youare running, it may be better to get some gold from Velik's Sanctuary and Velik's Hold with your enchanted Scout ger, and then buy blue Azart gear off the broker to bump up your item level quickly. Without the additional gold it'll easily cover costs up to +5. And yes, you should enchant the scout gear because it'll provide you with enchanting materials for your level 68 or 69 Exodor gear later on.

At this point you're reasonably well geared and can keep working on the purple quest line to go to Exodor or do whatever you feel like. Fishing is unlocked at 68 now, as well as a free partner quest. Level 68 Also unlocks 4 more dungeons though you may need a bit more item level for 2 of them. If you get a full set of blue gear, you'll be item level 453 and able to queue for RK-9 and Red Refuge. But consider saving your dark shard feedstock for gold gear and keep enchanting your scout gear.

Gearing and Run Dungeons


All gearing now follows the amplification system introduced in patch 86. If you have any legacy gear left over, you can enchant it to Heroic Oath to use later to make Mythic gear. But otherwise you won't be using it if you haven't finished apex already and missed out on Exodor Scout Gear.

Exodor Scout Gear

Scout gear was introduced to cover the gap from level 65 to 68. Prior to scout gear, you used the old revamp gear until you were level 68 and could swap (if you wanted to). Regular Exodor gear comes in three tiers: green, blue, and gold. Green gear is basically skipped over now and only drops from neglected loot tables. Dismantle it if you come across it. Each tier is independent and cannot be upgraded into the next tier (except for gold, but more on that in a sec). Blue gear and gold gear both use the same enchanting materials (dark shard feedstock) but scout gear uses it's own (exodor scout gear feedstock). This is important because you can enchant Scout gear while you farm for gold gear instead of having to use your saved up enchanting materials on blue gear.

  • You get your Scout gear from the Apex quest. Be careful - there's no way to replace it if you discard it on accident and don't promptly put in a support ticket to undo it.
  • You should keep enchant your Exodor Scout gear as you progress. You can dismantle it later for Dark Shard feedstock.

Regular Exodor Gear

Three tiers were mentioned earlier but technically there's four tiers. The fourth is called Mythic and you get it by upgrading the gold gear. If you have legacy gear, specifically Heroic Oath, you can use it to reduce the cost of the Mythic upgrade. Since the green gear is defunct, it's still three tiers XD. In the past you had to really work to get blue and gold gear but now the drop rates have been increased and more instances drop the gear so it's a lot more accessible. The enchanting materials were also a huge pain in the butt to stock up on if you weren't running specific dungeons or hunting for named BAM bosses on Exodor, but that has changed with patch 92. The enchanting were also really bad but that was also improved, although it comes with higher enchanting costs for each attempt. Trade-offs.

  • There's a tirade on the old enchanting system that advocated for taking it easy and using your legacy gear if you want to read more about the ridiculousness that you no longer have to deal with.
  • There's a post on Essential Mana about the different tiers of regular Exodor Gear. The enchanting costs have changed but the underlying mechanics haven't. A post that shows the real-world odds for enchants and the new costs is in progress for here.

PvP Gear

The third set is PvP gear. The author doesn't PvP so I can't provide much info on this. From what I understand, the PvP gear comes in three varieties so you can adjust how your character takes and deals damage. The gear is purchased using the PvP credits and you enchant it like the classic PvE gear.

  • Here's an Essential Mana article about PvP gear. Dunno how current it is but probably still relevant. You can see where the developers got some of the ideas for the Exodor enchanting system.

Running Level 65+ Dungeons

Closely related to gearing, you can now access end-game dungeons. Sort of. Patch 92 wiped out 14 instances and rearranged how the remaining dungeons line up.  At level 65 you get 1 dungeon, 4 more at level 68, and the last 8 at level 70. Getting to level 68 is relatively easy if you follow the purple quest line or run Macellarius Catacombs repeatedly for XP.  Well, once you have the appropriate item level and player level.  Dungeons will give you item XP, player XP, materials for enchanting, gold, and consumables. While you were leveling to 65, it was possible to face-roll through boss mechanics and use a static rotation for you class. In end-game, you'll want to start being a bit more intentional about what you are doing.

Fundamentals of Dungeons

Here's a collection of things you may have missed while leveling that will be either useful or essential to know while doing end game dungeons.

  • [Future Article] PvE Crash Course, or all the things you didn't realize while leveling
  • [Future Article] Timeline of a  Dungeon Run
  • [Future Article] An Overview of Different Dungeon Mechanics

Dungeon Guides

There's lots of sites and videos for dungeon guides, so the main purpose of these guides is to consolidate and standardize how the information is presented.

Level to 70

Most of the instances got moved to 68 and up but leveling to 68 was also made a lot easier by simply following the purple quest line. 68 to 70 is still a bit of a chore. You'll be running dungeons, farming Caiman teleports, using Intel Report runs and otherwise playing the game to finish leveling.

  • [Future Article] What's The Point of Leveling to 70?
  • [Future Article] Methods for "Power Leveling" to 70

Complete Your Character and Master Your Class

At level 65, you have access to most of your skills and glyphs. If you are getting here at or after patch 92, you'll also get all of your glyphs (except for 2) during apex, a your remaining skills and one more glyph by completing Apex and an additional glyph for reaching level 70. If you finished apex before patch 92, you'll need to get any missing glyphs unlocked manually. Level 65 also gives you complete access to the EP Talent system. Level 66 and higher unlocks the Advanced Skill system. EP Talents require farming EP points if you want more than the 300 you get now by default. The advanced skills system will require that you farm several different resources. You'll get etchings that you can use on your scout gear. Afterwards you'll need to farm some replacements for your later gear and blighted gear to add infusions into your gear.

Stack Gold

Getting gold is a lot easier at 65+ compared to while leveling. You may have started fishing while leveling but now you can make bait and fish crates. The fishing questline won't unlock until level 68 but you can still access the fishing NPCs and crafting. Crafting is unlocked in general at 65 and you can use it to profit or save money on enchanting material. Guardian missions are available now and can provide a steady source of gems to use or sell. Although you can "play the broker" while leveling, the increased amount of gold you'll have access to makes effectively playing the broker a lot easier.

  • [Future Article] How to Make Money with Fishing
  • [Future Article] How to Run Guardian Missions
  • [Future Article] Crafting for Fun and Profit
  • [Future Article] How to Play The Broker For Profit
  • [Future Article] How to get EMP Store Items Using In-Game Gold
  • [Future Article] What is Pit of Petrax and How To Run It
  • [Future Article] How to Acquire Costumes Items

Other Random 65 Unlocked Instances

I couldn't think of an appropriate category to put these things under so here they are. They all unlock at level 65 but are kinda random.

  • [Future Article] Celestial Arena Guide
  • [Future Article] Echoes of Aranea Guide
  • [Future Article] Ace Dungeons Guide
  • [Future Article] Ghillieglade Guide

Achievement Hunting

You have some progress in achievement hunting at this point, but now you can really focus on it if you want to. Some achievements will require you to run dungeons but there are plenty of non-dungeon achievements as well. The author hasn't done this as much so I'm not sure how best to organize this kind of info yet. The in-game achievement tracker is very annoying to navigate.


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